LA Times Crossword July 10 2021 Answers

Get LA Times Crossword July 10 2021 Answers and solved the puzzle quickly. You can get all the puzzle answers of LA Times from Across to down easily. If you have any question and problem in solving puzzle then comment us below or you can contact us. LA Times crossword is one of the best and also most popular crosswords in the USA. Get LA Times Crossword Answer and enjoy the day!


“Fuller House” actorSTAMOS
Proof lettersQED
Perfume nameESTEE
IdeaPad makerLENOVO
Sch. in CharlotteUNC
Time often named for a philosophyERA
Estate beneficiaryHEIR
Rental garage arraySEDANS
Basic natureESSENCE
“Cancel the mission!”ABORT
Anxious med. conditionOCD
Iberian capital, locallyLISBOA
Ready to go back?INREVERSE
Writer RandAYN
Joint protection … or, in a way, creators of four puzzle puns?KNEECAPS
Civil War prezABE
Educated in the classroom as opposed to the streetBOOKSMART
Hybrid utensilsSPORKS
Nevada copper townELY
Bizet opera priestessLEILA
Friendly greetingWELCOME
Virgil epicAENEID
Love godEROS
Hosp. testEKG
Is unable to sign the top-billed star for an “Ocean’s 13” sequel?HASNOCLOONEY
It may not be intendedPUN
Springs for a vacation?SPA
__ flyTSETSE
Nikon settingFSTOP


“Very cute”HEH
Spanish bearOSO
CDC headquarters cityATL
Soccer ejection indicatorREDCARD
Pour to purifyDECANT
Swing aroundSLUE
Gull relativeTERN
Start-up money?ANTE
Janelle of “Moonlight”MONAE
Stayed out too long?OVERSLEPT
__ milkSOY
Casual topper for Elizabeth II?QUEENBEANIE
Tenor CarusoENRICO
Takoma Park, Md., is part of itDCAREA
Yoga chantsOMS
Gas company with toy trucksHESS
Long storySAGA
Site with PowerSellersEBAY
Consume some deli meat?DOWNBOLOGNA
Washington’s bills?ONES
__ fraîche: dairy productCREME
Helmet stickerDECAL
Concern for lefty writersINKSMEARS
Gorilla who learned modified 50-DownKOKO
Hanes brandBALI
“Jiminy cricket!”EGAD
Tolkien beastsORCS
They may pick up speedSENSORS
Cleans, in a waySWEEPS
Get excitedPERKUP
Allow to go freeLETOFF
Commercial cowELSIE
Syst. with hand signalsASL
“What am __ getting?”INOT
Brand written in frosty lettersICEE
Uniform part, maybeHAT
__ GeoNAT
Angsty genreEMO
“For sure”YEP

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