LA Times Crossword July 7 2021 Answers

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Baroque composer of many fuguesBACH
“__ did you say?”WHAT
Pageant adornmentSASH
Workout reminderACHE
Team instructorCOACH
Stage in an insect’s life cyclePUPA
Stiletto __: shoe partHEEL
Waze suggestionROUTE
Chief Norse deityODIN
Outdoor security illuminationFLOODLIGHTING
Tennis toppersVISORS
Shucked shellfishOYSTER
German cryACH
Tummy musclesABS
Election night graphicMAP
Sloppy room metaphorSTY
Caesar’s last gaspETTU
Gut punch reactionOOF
__ na tigela: Brazilian berry dish in a bowlACAI
First ten U.S. constitutional amendmentsBILLOFRIGHTS
“Fill ‘er up” fluidGAS
Michelle Obama __ RobinsonNEE
Turn on the waterworksSOB
Charged particleION
Defeat cunninglyOUTFOX
Flat renterTENANT
Where horse races begin … and where the beginning of 19-, 30- and 40-Across might be seenSTARTINGGATES
State with a greeting in its nameOHIO
Apple pie-making toolCORER
Hoops officialsREFS
Lady’s manLORD
Egg producerOVARY
Bridal accessoryVEIL
Word after user or stageNAME
Provocative, as humorEDGY


Scroogean scoffBAH
Versatile blackjack cardACE
Culinary topperCHEFSHAT
Word of greetingHELLO
Stove fuelWOOD
In it for the long __HAUL
Play openingACTI
One blamed for losing a gameTHEGOAT
Unchangeable leopard markings, in JeremiahSPOTS
IRS-conducted ordealsAUDITS
Small pianoSPINET
Irritably needing foodHANGRY
Bing who teamed with Hope in “Road to …” filmsCROSBY
Like much loreORAL
Pre-release buzzHYPE
Enjoy an e-cigVAPE
Very cool rapper?ICET
Extremely muscular, in modern parlanceSWOLE
Owl’s soundHOO
Mattress problemSAG
Smoothie additive also used to sprout “hair” on terracotta “pets”CHIASEED
Lots and lotsATON
“__ it obvious?”ISNT
Playing an extra NBA periodINOT
Traffic circleROTARY
Split with the band, maybeGOSOLO
Novelist, e.g.AUTHOR
Alternative to a crowded elevatorSTAIRS
Hobbit on a questFRODO
Optic __NERVE
Ma’s maGRAM
Roberts’ “Pretty Woman” co-starGERE
Newton fruitFIG

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