LA Times Crossword July 6 2021 Answers

Get LA Times Crossword July 6 2021 Answers and solved the puzzle quickly. You can get all the puzzle answers of LA Times from Across to down easily. If you have any questions and problems in solving puzzles then comment us below or you can contact us. LA Times crossword is one of the best and also most popular crosswords in the USA. Get LA Times Crossword Answer and enjoy the day!


IRS form expertsCPAS
Computer data unitBYTE
MLB’s Indians, on scoreboardsCLE
Natural history museum pieceRELIC
__ beefROAST
Put on TVAIR
First Hebrew letterALEPH
Catchwords from Bart SimpsonAYCARAMBA
Catchwords from RenYOUEEDIOT
Pretty pitcherEWER
Giant of a Giant MelOTT
Rx ordersMEDS
Proves to be falseBELIES
“m” and “n” soundsNASALS
“Far out, dude!”RAD
Greatest possible degreeNTH
Decorated the walls, in a wayPAPERED
James of bluesETTA
Catchwords from Fred FlintstoneYABBADABBADOO
Speaker’s placeDAIS
In perfect circumstancesIDEALLY
City trains above the streetELS
React to sad newsCRY
Twins Mary-Kate and AshleyOLSENS
Sheet of iceFLOE
By way of, in itinerariesVIA
Lager or pilsnerBEER
Catchwords from Charlie BrownGOODGRIEF
Catchword from a Ninja TurtleCOWABUNGA
Designer NinaRICCI
Airline once owned by Howard HughesTWA
Done in, as a dragonSLAIN
Furry swimmerOTTER
“Green” Vt. peaksMTNS
To be, to BrutusESSE


Kid’s coloring stickCRAYON
Jai alai ballPELOTA
Indigenous Alaskan islandersALEUTS
’70s-’80s quarterback BrianSIPE
Interweave, as hairBRAID
“Around the world” toysYOYOS
Mediator’s forteTACT
That, in MadridESA
Inherited, as a lot of moneyCAMEINTO
Opera textLIBRETTO
Chapter in historyERA
School course with beakersCHEMLAB
Trapped on a branch, sayTREED
Hole-making toolAWL
Abandons all hopeDESPAIRS
Hostile feelings, as between feuding familiesBADBLOOD
__ Na NaSHA
Alerts from the LAPDAPBS
Country star McEntireREBA
Water whirledEDDY
Female name that’s a body part backwardsRAE
Ice cream brandEDYS
Home of the Ivy League’s BulldogsYALEBOWL
Warehouse passageAISLEWAY
Swiftly, to SchubertALLEGRO
Dict. meaningDEF
Atkins diet concernCARBS
Forces outEVICTS
Nephews’ sistersNIECES
“On Language” columnist WilliamSAFIRE
Grazing localeLEA
Paralyze with mist, as an airportFOGIN
Student financing optionsLOANS
Tiny biterGNAT
Baptism or brisRITE
Pennies: Abbr.CTS
Einstein’s birth cityULM

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