LA Times Crossword July 5 2021 Answers

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Graf with 22 Grand Slam singles titlesSTEFFI
Epcot’s Spaceship Earth, e.g.GLOBE
Sacha Baron Cohen alter egoALIG
Part of HMSHER
Soup dishTUREEN
Like many feedbag cerealsOATEN
NFL analyst TonyROMO
Big name in kitchen gadgetsOXO
*Pro in a ringPRIZEFIGHTER
Helped throw a partyCOHOSTED
Boxers’ org.?AKC
Birth day ordealLABOR
Boxer’s woundGASH
Clock watchersIDLERS
Bygone Russian rulerTSARINA
Sonic the Hedgehog creatorSEGA
Math class for coll. creditAPCALC
*Challenge for a hopeful collegianENTRANCEEXAM
Footnote abbr.OPCIT
Removes fasteners fromUNPEGS
Hand-rubbing chuckleHEH
Trawler’s catchSHRIMP
Firewood optionASH
Title for MarianMAID
Reacts with obvious pleasureBEAMS
Comply withOBEY
Pet peeve?FLEA
Cap-and-crown org.?ADA
*Multi-faceted stage performanceSLAMPOETRY
Least amt.MIN
Reasons againstCONS
Lands’ End departmentMENS
Barrier __REEF
Historic toolmaking periodIRONAGE
Practices, as a tradePLIES
Eyes and earsSENSORS
Chocolate-caramel candy brandROLO
Industrial arts class, informallySHOP
Actor Cumming of “The Good Wife”ALAN
River inletRIA
International economic coalitionGSEVEN
*Military stintTOUROFDUTY
One of the Bobbsey twinsNAN
Valley with cellars and sellersNAPA
On the fenceTORN
“__ Misbehavin’”: Fats Waller songAINT
Suffix with globULE
Ingratiates oneself (to), with “up”COZIES
The NBA’s MagicORL
Leave the larval stagePUPATE
__-Croatian languageSERBO
*Act of geniusMASTERSTROKE
Plant-based sugar substituteSTEVIA
Charged atomsIONS
Earliest work in a musical chronologyOPUSONE
One making amendsATONER
Winter coat?SNOW
Afghan capitalKABUL
Initialism for some time away from workLOA
Met a monthly obligationPAIDRENT
Ribbon-cutting event, or what the starts of the answers to starred clues can haveGRANDOPENING
Canon initialsSLR
Singer from County DonegalENYA
Like many roofsEAVED
Parking garage designationALEVEL
Just make, with “out”EKE
Insect repellentDEET
Forensic competitionDEBATE


Mar. 17 figureSTPAT
Ankara nativesTURKS
“Fear of Flying” author JongERICA
Topper for 2-DownFEZ
Hospital deliveriesINFANTS
Disco era wordGOGO
Lion player BertLAHR
5’9″ Giant MelOTT
Disco band brotherBEEGEE
Makes hopping madENRAGES
Foot partARCH
Bath bathroomLOO
“Gotcha, man”IMHIP
Perp’s pretend friend, in interrogationGOODCOP
Reel holdersRODS
Letter-shaped girderIBAR
Hand-to-hand soundSLAP
Brass band membersSAXHORNS
Marsh plantREED
Yves’ squeezeAMIE
Interruption lead-insAHEMS
Tide typeNEAP
“We Have the Meats” sandwich chainARBYS
This, when over thereTHAT
Fish sauce tasteUMAMI
Low pointNADIR
*Liszt list, e.g.PIANOREPERTOIRE
“I’m buying”MYTREAT
Part-time playerSEMIPRO
Bank add-onsFEES
What weight watchers watchSCALE
Access, as a siteLOGONTO
Drive origination pointTEE
__ Penny: folk tale nameHENNY
Smoked salmonNOVA
Calls work from homePHONESIN
Grant on old TVLOU
Blighted areaSLUM
“À votre __!”SANTE
Stretch mark, saySTRIA
Safari sightsGNUS
Pitch from a repSALESTALK
Lysol targetsODORS
Stands in the forest, perhapsFIRS
Baum princessOZMA
A group of them may be called a shrewdnessAPES
Dealt withCOVERED
Memorable pie throwersSTOOGES
Window one would rather keep closedPOPUPAD
Tiny Tim’s stringsUKULELE
Oregon golfing meccaBEND
Automaton prefixROBO
Sherlock’s foe AdlerIRENE
Three-time A.L. batting champ TonyOLIVA
Nine-piece comboNONET
Sharp-eyed birdEAGLE
Cathedral recessAPSE
ER directiveSTAT
Had already learnedKNEW
Supplements, with “to”ADDS
Emmy-winning scientistNYE
Melrose in L.A., sayAVE
Lincoln’s st.NEB

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