LA Times Crossword June 26 2021 Answers

Get LA Times Crossword June 26 2021 Answers and solved the puzzle quickly. You can get all the puzzle answers of LA Times from Across to down easily. If you have any question and problem in solving puzzle then comment us below or you can contact us. LA Times crossword is one of the best and also most popular crosswords in the USA. Get LA Times Crossword Answer and enjoy the day!


President before WilsonTAFT
Sign of shockGASP
Classical inspiration for the 2004 film “Troy”ILIAD
Another, in MexicoOTRO
Chip in a bowlNACHO
Almost atNEAR
Long vehicleLIMO
It has no subsATEAM
Avian athletic contest?GAMEOFFINCHES
Like a disciplinarianSTERN
Torque symbol, in mechanicsTAU
RV chainKOA
Advanced degree for a gemologist?DOCTOROFFLAWS
Push-up targetsPECS
Not against the rulesLEGAL
Like a hairpinBENT
Stretched circles?OVALS
Brewpub arrayALES
Metropolis, thanks to Superman?CITYOFFLIGHTS
Corrida cheerOLE
Waze suggestion: Abbr.RTE
Estée Lauder subsidiaryAVEDA
Flunk out … and what three long answers do?GETSTRAIGHTFS
Problematic bacteriumECOLI
The Mississippi forms its eastern borderIOWA
Northern European capitalOSLO
Singer nicknamed “The Velvet Fog”TORME
Visible pollutionSMOG
Comics icon LeeSTAN
Vast chasmABYSS
Sun dog, e.g.HALO


Kitchen picker-uppersTONGS
Patronized, as a dinerATEAT
Like many museum paintingsFRAMED
Corrida starTORERO
Wide gapGULF
“Dream on!”ASIF
Big rigSEMI
Stat relativePRONTO
Highly annoyedINAHUFF
Having missed the deadlineLATE
Item of hockey equipmentICESKATE
Cry of discoveryAHA
Champagne titleDOM
Like much ’80s-’90s musicONCD
Half-__: coffee orderCAF
Wilson who voiced Lightning McQueen in “Cars” filmsOWEN
A new exec may hire oneASST
Shop __ you dropTIL
Hematite, for oneORE
Fit for a queenREGAL
Yellow __LAB
Somewhat, to SchubertPOCO
One in a Trivial Pursuit sextetCATEGORY
Big name in IslamALI
KFC selectionLEG
Military pilot’s missionsSORTIES
Heavy carpetSHAG
NBA foul shotsFTS
Magic charmFETISH
Jay Leno, for many yearsTVHOST
Key of Chopin’s “Minute Waltz”DFLAT
In concertASONE
“Slippery” treesELMS
Capital SSE of FirenzeROMA
Nowhere to be foundAWOL
“Aladdin” parrotIAGO
Pilot’s approx.ETA
Corn discardCOB

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