LA Times Crossword June 23 2021 Answers

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Flows backEBBS
“Doctor Who” channelBBC
*Many an Iraqi MuslimSHIITE
__ de JaneiroRIO
Great new talentPHENOM
*From the 50th stateHAWAIIAN
“Hold tight!”GRABON
Like at least six periodic table gasesNOBLE
*City buried by Vesuvius’ eruptionPOMPEII
Vital organ pairKIDNEYS
Smoothie superfruitACAI
Partners’ legal entity: Abbr.LLC
“Deck the Halls” contractionTIS
Horses’ housesBARNS
Like CheeriosOATEN
Cigar remnantsASH
*Rolling to the terminalTAXIING
Prof.’s aidesTAS
Dress named for a letterALINE
Red giant in the night skySSTAR
Gobbled downATE
Oilers, on NHL scoreboardsEDM
Drake or drone, e.g.MALE
Sully, as a reputationTARNISH
*Berra’s “No one goes there anymore. It’s too crowded,” e.g.YOGIISM
Borders onABUTS
Frightened, in ShakespeareAFEARD
*Asian mushroomSHIITAKE
Prove falseNEGATE
Truck weight unitTON
“Bright” thoughtIDEA
“Yes, captain” … and a phonetic hint to the answers to starred cluesAYEAYE
Unit of workERG
Sell forCOST
Snide commentarySNARK


1/6 fl. oz.TSP
Spa user’s reactionAHH
Golf ball positionLIE
Department __STORE
“HELLO … (hello) …,” e.g.ECHO
Shut out, in a gameBLANK
Arrow shooterBOW
Table showing teams’ won-lost recordsSTANDINGS
Under-the-table moneyBRIBE
Onion bagel alternativeBIALY
Ice cream holdersCONES
Texting alternativeEMAIL
Charged particlesIONS
Mississippi portBILOXI
Blue Ribbon beerPABST
City about 65 miles west of Daytona BeachOCALA
Two of them precede “quite contrary”MARYS
Fla.-to-Cal. highwayITEN
Fictional mutiny shipCAINE
Sports page datumSTATISTIC
Many a Woodstock T-shirtTIEDYE
Asia’s __ MountainsALTAI
Flippered mammalsSEALS
Group of 37-DownHAREM
Bar pintsALES
Polynesian Disney princessMOANA
Ability to discern qualityTASTE
Find repugnantABHOR
Cod cousinsHAKES
Overcast colors, in LondonGREYS
Tour de forceFEAT
Strong bond ratingAAA
Norse god of warTYR
“A mouse!”EEK

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