LA Times Crossword June 21 2021 Answers

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“True Detective,” e.g.DRAMA
Worshippers of the sun god IntiINCAS
Chinese smartphone brandOPPO
Organization with an ElderWatch programAARP
Dollar, to EnterpriseRIVAL
Rice, for oneCROP
“That explains it”ISEE
“Match Game” hostALECBALDWIN
Arenal Volcano homeCOSTARICA
Crash site?BED
Blonde __ALE
The mariachi’s guitarrón is oneACOUSTICBASS
Settled on a papasan, saySAT
Senegalese-American actress __ RaeISSA
Idealistic sortDREAMER
Stick upROB
Taste in kombu kelpUMAMI
Team to play in SoFi StadiumLARAMS
Do figure eightsSKATE
Sarge’s bossLOOIE
Preliminary raceHEAT
Hungarian town known for its baroque buildingsEGER
Bank transactionLOAN
Code creatorMORSE
Comes to an endCEASES
Actress VardalosNIA
Polite words while enteringAFTERYOU
Pollution concernsPLASTICBAGS
Cause of goosebumps, maybeFEAR
Called from the flockBAAED
Chip dip, casuallyGUAC
Stretchable loopELASTICBAND
Parents not related by bloodSTEPDADS
Bygone space stationMIR
Last bitTAGEND
Wealthy heirSCION
Mötley __CRUE
Press (down)TAMP
Paleo __DIET
Classic Ford, familiarlySTANG
Stuffs to the gillsSATES
Move furtivelySNEAK
Widespread adverse reaction, as to a new policyPUBLICBACKLASH
Off the markERRANT
Major arteryAORTA
Well resourceOIL
Iris ringsAREOLAS
Beyoncé, to the BeyhiveIDOL
“That’s a shame”SAD
Item in Manet’s “Luncheon on the Grass”PICNICBASKET
Hamm from AlabamaMIA
Black widow’s creationWEB
Savory pastryONIONTART
Pungent deli choiceGARLICBAGEL
Indian flatbreadROTI
Thickener in Asian dessertsAGAR
Rub it inGLOAT
Beckoning elisionCMERE
“Watermark” musicianENYA
Parks in American historyROSA
Snow vehiclesSLEDS
Moving measurementSPEED


Ticks offRILES
Minnesota-based cosmetics companyAVEDA
Big __MAC
The Honest Company co-founder JessicaALBA
“Game of Thrones” patriarch StarkNED
Cornfield cryCAW
Diva’s time to shineARIA
Good thing for teammates to be inSYNC
Take placeOCCUR
Everyday languagePROSE
__ ServicePOSTAL
Kia sedanOPTIMA
Bus stopperAIRBRAKE
Iraq is about 1% of itASIA
Suggestions, for shortRECS
Samosa veggiesPEAS
Excuse in courtALIBI
Taiwanese laptopsACERS
Father of ThorODIN
Office newbiesTRAINEES
Legacy creatorSUBARU
Number of Scrabble X-tilesONE
Initial feeANTE
Star Wars Day monthMAY
805-year-old documentMAGNACARTA
“Shrek!” author WilliamSTEIG
Paella potOLLA
Place for solar panelsROOF
Billy’s caretakerGOATFARMER
High-fashion shoemaker JimmyCHOO
They’re often choppySEAS
Periods of noteERAS
Winter hrs. in HalifaxAST
“Lip Sync Battle” commentator ChrissyTEIGEN
A.L. Central teamCLE
Fish commonly known as a porgySCUP
Band named for a rodentRATT
Launch sitePAD
They might be game changersBADCALLS
Language group including ZuluBANTU
Defib expertsEMTS
“Big Little Lies” novelist MoriartyLIANE
Sci-fi film FXCGI
Clown car noiseBEEP
Mythical marinerSINBAD
Forum wrapTOGA
Cost of belongingDUES
Meeting, casuallySESH
Tend to the sauceSTIR
Mojave nativesCACTI
“Knowing all the facts”: Woody AllenPARANOIA
Stick in the snowSKI
“Grant County” crime novelist SlaughterKARIN
Lie in the sunBASK
Baby’s ailmentCOLIC
Hummingbird foodNECTAR
Island near TrinidadTOBAGO
“__ Theme”: “Doctor Zhivago” tuneLARAS
Stars, to CiceroASTRA
Tractor giantDEERE
Study, with “over”PORE
Privy toINON
__ limitsCITY
Breakfast stapleEGGS
12 ounces, at StarbucksTALL
Basics appearing in reverse in eight puzzle answersABCS
Blini toppingROE
Young chapLAD
Increase, with “up”AMP

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