LA Times Crossword June 18 2021 Answers

Get LA Times Crossword June 18 2021 Answers and solved the puzzle quickly. You can get all the puzzle answers of LA Times from Across to down easily. If you have any question and problem in solving puzzle then comment us below or you can contact us. LA Times crossword is one of the best and also most popular crosswords in the USA. Get LA Times Crossword Answer and enjoy the day!


Small ball on a stringPEARL
Classic Langston Hughes poemITOO
Portmanteau metal producerALCOA
Alley unitLANE
Winter wear made from tusks?IVORYCOATS
__-FREE: contact lens solutionOPTI
Asian holidayTET
Onetime Tide competitorRINSO
Less formal alternative to a togaTUNIC
Like many AARP mems.RET
“A Chorus Line” numberONE
Routines for barbecuing?WIENIEROTES
Blows itERRS
Mythical monsterORC
Airport abbr.ARR
Cuts back on one’s livestock business?GIVESUPTHEGOATS
Classified ad abbr.EEO
Charged itemION
Respectful group addressSIRS
Carryalls made by Dior?FRENCHTOTES
PC linkupLAN
Long, long timeEON
Loudly lamentsKEENS
First signs of smokeWISPS
Manhattan theater district localeMIDTOWN
Others, in LatinALII
Useless castle defenses?INNERMOATS
Google resultsURLS
Not at all coolEDGY
Midas’ undoingGREED
What boors lackTACT


Popular console since 2006WII
Off-roader’s purchase, for shortATV
Dispute resolutionPACT
“Do Ya” rock gp.ELO
2010 health law: Abbr.ACA
Twisty pastaROTINI
Classic movie girl played by a boyLASSIE
1966 N.L. batting champ MattyALOU
Hard-copy evidencePAPERTRAILS
Main course preceder, in FranceENTREE
Jefferson et al., religiouslyDEISTS
Scrawny oneSCRAG
“The Witches” (1990) director NicolasROEG
Calvary inscriptionINRI
Source of feelingsNERVEENDING
Md. athleteTERP
Religious fervorUNCTION
Top medals, in BarcelonaOROS
Caught in the actSEEN
Have the __ forHOTS
Chicago-to-Lansing dir.ENE
Trick, in a wayTRAP
Doe, for oneFEMALE
Stirred upROILED
Wielding an axeHEWING
One percent of a GTENNER
Two-way, as a doorINOUT
Like some sumsTIDY
Egg onPROD
Dumfries denialNAE
Automne precederETE
Altar in the skyARA
Help for a sad BFFTLC
Retired flierSST

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